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CLASH - Digital Resurrections (AR)

A mystical place outside of time and space. Two young women seek answers. In exchange with deceased female personalities, they question the power of the afterlife and the strength of love - experiencing an empowering connection beyond finitude. The evening consists of two parts: In the first part, the play utilizes 'Augmented Reality' - a technology in which digital elements are added to the real environment through special glasses. The subsequent staging in the second part raises questions about the possibilities and limits of digitally resurrecting the deceased. Will it actually become possible to connect with departed individuals, find solace, and perceive death only as a stage? The artists and coders of the boat people project are responsible for the AR effects in the staging: CLASH is the third production for which they experiment with AR glasses from the brand MAGIC LEAP. A specific app was programmed for the effects, and the movements of the avatars were generated in part using motion capture technology, while the objects were designed to fit the play. The dramaturgy follows an 'Open World Format' – each visitor can explore the space at their own pace, with no predetermined order. Some of the objects and avatars are interactive, meaning they respond to hand or gaze movements. It is therefore recommended to move hands and head repeatedly to fully experience the immersive sensation.

The Endless City

A research-study, how to design and implement city-structures for AR / VR, that are generated by a Generative Design System.

Win Back Damascus - Augmented Reality theatre-project with Artificial Intelligence elements

AR-Theater project, where we used MagicLeap AR-glasses to build a virtual city in the public space and an introduction with a virtual avatar. The second part was a performance inside a church with AI-based videoprojection. Nikolaiviertel, Nikolaikirche, Göttingen.

Wohnzimmer Ersatz Haltestelle

A playful intervention to celebrate the Deuzer (Auto)-Freiheit, so that the street got rid of cars for 12 month as a traffic experiment. We build a mobile living room, that was wandering across the street during the complete Sunday. Passenger people were invited to drink tea and have a cake in a 15 minute timeframe. After that the mobile living room wandered some more meters up the street. This intervention was part of the play:cologne initiative / art collective.

Enter:Future Augmented Reality theatre project

AR-Theatre project, where we used MagicLeap AR-glasses to project the stage-design into the viewfield of the visitors, while actors were performing on stage at the same time.

Dackel in Trouble

Fun game concept made together with the awesome team at playful-thinking and the best team imaginable fron the Coding DaVinci OST3 Hackathon from the east. We love ya!

Drehkommando @ Lange Mülheimer Nacht 2022

4,5 hours of straight techno, live improvised from the Drehkommando at Lange Mülheimer Nacht.

DJ-Set at reACtion 2022

A DJ-Set at the reACtion-satellite. An official satellite-party of Revision 2022 demoscene event.

Scene World Podcast Episode #102 - Netlabels and retro pixeling with Martin 'Nodepond' Wisniowski

Interview about the netaudio-years and pixelart project in the public space.


An interactive installation for the finissage of the group-exhibition "Earth 2020 - Global Change" at Galerie Aristokrass. The installation has the topic about avatars and video-conferencing. Something very present at the covid-19 situation. In the galery is a terminal. People can sit there and the videoimage, that got slightly processed, is presented in a semi-transparent screen in the shopping-window. So people in the public space can see this image in realtime. The video-image was partly modified to give it a more artistic / hypnotic look. This installation asks questions about public and private space, communication in the pandemic time - and it also has some aspects of pop-art, instantly declaring a theme from everyday live as art.

Hybrid Stage for Schau!Raum

Complete technical realisation of the web-videostreaming and the interaction-possibilities of the views with the actors on stage at the hybrid theatre play Schau!Raum. Made for Treibkraft-Theater Hamm.


Work for the fixed palette compo at Novoque 2020 (Evoke Online, since there was no Evoke because of Covid 19).

Cologne Mine

A large scale urban game in the city of Cologne.

Pixelart Exhibition at Retronom Arcade-Bar on Tour

Exhibiting three print-artworks at the Retronom Arcade-Bar at Bürgerzentrum Deutz, Cologne.

Love on a real Train

PETSCII-Entry for Deadline demoparty 2019. Made again on a train, inspired by 8-bit styled computergames. I could totally imagine to make a one-screen game out of it, where it is really hard to go with the train from the left to the right side.

The new formation pixelart-prints

This are some works from Nodepond, a pixelartist from Cologne. With his abstracted, reduced pixelart-style he plays mood chords in virtual landscapes with reminiscence to the really old 8-bit pixelart style. This maps are not meant to go into production into a game at any time. They want to be just timeless pieces to enjoy your mind while watching at it. Like a kind of landscape painting in the 21th century. Thanks for having you here! Works: Nato Commander Lvl. 1, The second Distortion, Sunset Cave, Desert Sector, Untitled Scene from PX12

PocketRoom at kalk.space No. 1

The first PocketRoom at a new location: The kalk.space is a new co-working and art-space in Cologne. We will host a PocketRoom at the grand opening party. Nodepond will show some printed pixelartworks and f4ncyn3rd and Nodepond prepared a live-coding event, that will end up in a multi video-projector installation.

Inkwalker by Level 90

Alternative Platforms / Wild demo by Level 90. A demo for eInk. We used a Waveshare display and the ESP8266 for making this possible. Released at Evoke 2019, Demoscene, Cologne.

PETSCII on the train

Artwork for the oldschool pixel graphics compo at Nordlicht 2019 demoparty in Bremen. A tiny PETSCII-jam made on the train (IC) to Nordlicht.

Drehkommando Deutz OpenAir @ Tägchen 2019

The so called Tägchen was a self-organized mini-festival from the neighbourhood in Cologne-Deutz. The Drehkommando was asked to play a live in an open-air setting - similar to an event back in 2016.

Blockathon de la musique

A hackathon about music, metadata and blockchain. I participated as a mentor and then later joined a team.

PocketRoom March 2019

Curation and orga of the first media-artroom 'Pocketroom' at Railslove. Attached to DevHouseFriday.

irrational.objects.01 - Protoprints

Limited edition photoprint, limited to 3 copied from the projection mapping 'irrational.objects.01'. Photographed at the PocketRoom from the 29. March 2019.


Small scale projection mapping, suitable to show on a table-set up. The mapping consists of simple patters, projected on simple styropor cubes.

1. Veedelstreffen Tägchen 2019

First Veedelstreffen to organize a public neighbourhood event in Cologne Deutz, where locals make some sort of festival at their local places.

Shoot the Core

Oldschool-gfx-compo contribution made in Pico8. Executable provided.

A new dimension of bitter!

The first recipe from Bitter Pop. This might be just a foundation, this might be just a work in progress. But it is one for sure: A new dimension of bitter. It's basically a coldbrew with tea. This recipe was world-premiered at the Railslove Office in Cologne, at the 21 December 2018.

Bitter Pop

The new label for soft drinks. It is all about a new taste: Bitter. Explore a new dimension with bitter with us. No sugar guaranteed. Are you sure? Yes, we are!!

The Dream

Contribution for the PETSCII-compo at the XParty 2018. My first PETSCII ever made. Made with the great tool Petmate.

Caves of Kryrion

Contribution for the oldschool-gfx-compo at the XParty 2018. C64 executable.

3h Galerie

Aktion am Kultur-Büdchen am Nikolausplatz in Köln-Sülz am 20. Oktober 2018. Ahnlich wie bei der Aktion am 25. September gab es an diesem Tag den zweiten Teil der urbanen Foto-Kunstaktion. play:cologne hat spontan vor Ort mit den Passanten eine Fotoausstellung kreiert, die gleichzeitig Stück für Stück im öffentlichen Raum präsentiert wurde. Dieses mal geht es um Fotos, welche wir und die Passanten auf unseren Smartphones dabei haben.

3h Galerie

Aktion am Ebertplatz. Erstes Playtesting der 3h Galerie, im Rahmen eines Aktionstags. Ausgestellt wuren vor Ort gemachte Fotos von Passanten vom Eberplatz.

The second distortion

An artwork from a series maps for pico8.

Pocketroom No. 2

Curation and orga of the first media-artroom 'Pocketroom' at hack.institute.

Pocketroom No. 1

Curation and orga of the first media-artroom 'Pocketroom' at hack.institute.

Art for Sale Growth Hackers

A group of artists, who want to growth hack their art-sales.

DJ-Set Dingfabrik Reopening 2017

A DJ-Set I made with Erich Schall to celebrate the re-opening of the Dingfabrik after the tedious, but well deserved moving from Cologne-Nippes to Cologne-Neuehrenfeld. Expect fresh music for makers. There are also some raries in this set!


A group of artists, who organize urban games and playful experiences in the area of cologne.

Interview with Nodepond for 20 years Evoke

20 years Evoke Interview

untitled at Digital3mpire

The art gallery Digital3mpire in Düsseldorf invited artists to a Bring your own Beamer (BYOB) event.

pdCologne - PureData-UserGroup Cologne

Local-based PureData UserGroup in Cologne, held at Dingfabrik. We explored PureData and also made hands-on, how-tos and a workshop. It was a good time, but unfontunatelly the interest faded.

Sea of Rock, Paper and Scissors

The best Rock-Paper-Scissors Text-Adventure ever made!

Hello Demoscene (Demogroup)

A demogroup, that was run between 2013 and 2015. The third attempt of running a demogroup. The tries before were I am why and (Slightly) Educated Bastards. But back then and now, it is still about mostly the same people and we stick together like fuck.

Schmutzfink – Urban Art Installation für m2020 in Köln-Mülheim

Alexander Speckmann and Nodepond were invited to make an public art installation. The topic was about changing public places for one week. five art-groups were invited to participate. We made an interactive game, where we used video-beamers and Kinect/MIDI-Controller input, project a game onto the Mülheimer bridge.

Nodepond VJ at Railslove Housewarming Opening Party

I was invited at the opening party of Railslove - they moved to their new office in the Südstadt - to make some live-visuals. Of course I did. It was an extraordinary night. Nothing else to expect from the Railslove-crew!

VJing at Space Lounge@Digitac

I was new at VJing and very glad about this opportunity to make this live-visuals. It turned out to be an awesome night with good live VJ-footage.


A concept for generating some sort of "minimalistic game design system" strongly fueld by having a tight convention, how to organise tilesets in tilemaps. Heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails' Convention over configuration and meta-programming approach. (This all was long before Pico-8....)

Scalable Language

This is a collection of netaudio diamonds, that were released under a creative commons licence. This collection concentrates itself on musicreleases, that were released on the web between 1999 and 2012. Why a collection? There are so many great listening experiences out on the web released under a creative commons licence, that for whatever reason did not get the attention they should deserve - or that left the web or their 'official websites' went down. This collection should be read like a collection of art: a handselected collection of goodies, worth to be taken from the past into the future. For whatever reason this collection has got a name. It is called 'scalable language'.

Sentinel - Projection Mapping Tool

Sentinel is the name of a projection-mapping tool, that is currently developed by Nodepond / Dingfabrik. With this tool you will be able, to have fun with video beamers and objects. You literally can inhale life into objects by customizing the visual content, that runs on the videobeamer. Enhached algorithms let you make exact beat-matching with DJs. There will be a Lua- and a GL-shader scripting-interface, where you can script, exchange and load various visual content.

Projection Mapping @ GIYDA/Plan12

Bei der Abschlussveranstaltung der GIYDA (Grow-it-yourself Design & Architecture) im Rahmen der Kölner Architektur-Biennale plan12 hat die Dingfabrik ein spontanes Projection-Mapping veranstaltet. Genutzt wurden Podest-Elemente aus der Ausstellung. Die Elemente wurden in der Nähe der Tanzfläche drapiert und ein Videobeamer in vier Meter Höhe angebracht. Thematisch ging es dieses Mal (im Vergleich zur Evoke 2012) um reine Farb- und Formenspiele um Kontext zur Musik. Die Animationen wurden durch das OSC-Signal von der DJ-Software Traktor Pro 2 über WLAN getriggert. Last week I had the opportunity to make a Projection Mapping again. It was a wild party – the finishing event of the GIYDA (Grow-it-yourself Design & Architecture) workshop week. The people were great and the music was, too. This time the mapping was made more or less with “found material” and some quick written lua-stuff, utilizing Love2D. The focus was on colors, beat accuracy and communicating with people and the DJ. Once again this project was made possible with the support of the Dingfabrik e.V..

youCube @ evoke 2012

Cologne fab lab Dingfabrik will be present at Evoke to show a large object: on a 3x3x3 meter surface they will do projection mapping using two video projectors. The projectors will display animated videos on the sculpture. The installation is interactive: visitors are able to upload their own videos to be shown. Auf Kölns größter Demoscene-Party evoke haben Martin und Alex von der Dingfabrik ihre ersten Versuche zum Thema Projection Mapping präsentiert. Mit zwei Beamern wurden Videos und Patterns auf eine Skulptur aus Pappkartons projiziert, die die Gäste der evoke auf einen Server laden konnten. Daher auch der spontane Titel der Installation: youCube - Lade dein Video auf den Würfel!


Concept art and game-concept about a shooting game, that is actually friendy, so you never shoot any enemies at all. But try to soothe them. Famerate.

scnclr: Art Exhibition @ Zur alten Schule - Party

A small exhibition at the 'Zur alten Schule'-Party, Friedenspark, Cologne.

The Secret Life of Snowflakes

The first attempt to make a really cool indie-games, that covers some very cool concept. It was a game about generating snow. It was based on real physical facts, now snow comes into beeing. Unfortunaltelly this games lacked totally fun and was a very good first lession about how (not) to make games.

Boring Music 5

Complete CD-Cover Artwork for a mix "Boring Music 5" by Sven Swift.

Digital Tools Blog

Weblog about Blog about Game Design, Games, Computer Art and colorful content. This blog was active and meanwhile also popular in the web indie games scene. It was run from 2005 - 2014. This blog was the successor of the analog-digital-design blog and was more magazine orientated, less about personal thoughts.

5 Years of 2063music

5 years 2063music lounge at the lange nacht der kultur, fruchthalle kaiserslautern, 29 may 2004.
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